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Secure storage units in Greensboro and High Point

Secure storage units. Clean storage units. Safe storage units.
What more could you ask for in a facility? 
All American Self Storage offers it all.
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The security of your goods is always on our minds. We have built our storage facilities with modern 24-hour video surveillance equipment, advanced lighting solutions, strong security fences, and electronic gates (accessed by security codes). And of course we inspect these facilities on a daily basis to ensure they are all in excellent working condition.
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We are confident you will find All American Self Storage's facilities to be the cleanest in town. We not only do this so that you have a pleasant visit when you access your storage unit, but also to protect your belongings against nuisances such as bad odors, mildew and bugs.


In addition to the stringent and effective security measures our facilities offer, they also provide a high level of safety against the elements as well. Our storage units are built to withstand the intense weather that we get in North Carolina. We will keep your belongings safe, dry and protected against fire.

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